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Reflections is managed by Website Creations. We are located in Citrus County, the geographic center of Florida. Decades of community determination have saved the precious coastal marshes, the pure, clean-running springs and the rivers and lakes from the development and pollution that are so prevalent elsewhere. Today, as in centuries past, a visitor to our area  can find Florida nature at it's best.  From the saltwater pursuits in the Gulf of Mexico, springs, rivers and subtropical fauna and flora in Citrus County’s west side, and upland terrain drifting down to large freshwater lakes crying out for anglers, swimmers and boaters over on the east side, this is truly a part of the nature coast you will want to experience.  West Indian Manatees, those large, beloved marine mammals that graze underwater vegetation, are frequent visitors to the Crystal River area, because they cannot tolerate the wintertime chilly water of the Gulf of Mexico. Manatees prefer the steady 72-degrees of the spring-fed river. Together with neighboring Homosassa, Crystal River is the site of the largest gathering of manatees in North America and the only place in the nation where people can legally swim and snorkel with them.

Website Creations manages a variety of websites, including California Nature. California Nature offers information about the beauty and wonder found in the state of California, including its deserts, redwoods, condors, and San Francisco Bay. We have interesting pages on the San Andreas Fault and the earthquakes, Santa Ana Winds and ecosystems of California.

Similar to Floridian Nature, and California Nature, Website Creations also manages Alaskan Nature. The word Alaska is from the Aleut Indian word "alaxsxaq" or "agunalaksh" that mean the mainland or shore. Alaska has an estimated 100,000 glaciers, which cover almost 5 percent of the state. In fact  over half of the world's glaciers are found in Alaska, meaning there are more active glaciers in Alaska than in the rest of the inhabited world. Alaska is also home to 80 percent of all the active volcanoes in the U.S.  There are more than 70 potentially active volcanoes in Alaska. Several have erupted in recent times. The most violent volcanic eruption of the century took place in 1912 when Novarupta Volcano erupted, creating the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes which is now part of Katmai National Park.

Website Creations also created two websites about pets; the Dog Encyclopedia, and the Cat Encyclopedia. The Cat Encyclopedia is your one stop website for all information on domestic house cats. It was developed to provide comprehensive information about domestic house cats in a concise and simple to use format, complete with photographs of each breed of domestic house cat, including the  Japanese Bobtail, and the Egyptian Mau. The goal of Cat Encyclopedia is to provide domestic house cat owners and pet enthusiasts empowering information to create a healthy and loving environment for domestic house cats.

Dog Encyclopedia has a complete alphabetical listing of dog breeds provides potential dog owners with valuable information, regarding the size, temperament, and special needs of each type of dog. On each individual dog breed page viewers will also find the dog's AKC group, along with the the dogs weight, coloring, and height. Our favorite dog breed is the Dachshund, in honor of our dog Snickers. Dachshunds are elongated dogs with short legs that are of the hound family. They are German in origin, and their name literally means badger dog, though in Germany they are commonly referred to as Dackel or Teckel dogs. The standard sized Dachshund was developed to hunt badgers while the miniature was developed to hunt rabbits. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1885.

To celebrate the holidays, Website Creations made Free Holiday Ideas. This website has free ideas to create holiday and party crafts and decorations. Free Holiday Ideas and Crafts was developed to provide users with do it yourself ideas to plan and decorate parties, and events, whether its a birthday or New Year Eve. Find innovative ideas for creating low cost hand made items for every holiday and event. Free Holiday Ideas and crafts also offer great decorating ideas to make your table and party favors the talk of the town. Once you have your gift, games, and decorating items complete, use Free Holiday Ideas and Crafts to get the recipe to some great party menus.

To celebrate Black History month, Black History honors the dedication and work of the many African Americans who have made our country so great. From the Revolutionary War to the election of our first African American President Black History in America has information and photos of distinguished African Americans, like John Coltrane, Sojourner Truth, and Medgar Evers

Innovative Improvements is dedicated to providing quality information for improving all aspects of everyday life. Check out their articles on home improvement, mental health, financial health, going green, health and lifestyles, and education. Whether you are looking to go back to school, improve your self esteem, or install a flat screen tv, Innovative Improvements has all the information you need.

Michael Arnold Art is a website to celebrate the artwork of Michael Arnold. Along with showcasing the award winning artist and his canvas artwork like Life One, Michael Arnold Art has complete biographies of all the great artists from Van Gogh to Roy Lichtenstein. Michael Arnold Art is simply art at its best!

Website Creations does more than build and manage websites; They offer free articles on how to improve website traffic, add widgets and slideshows, and
build your key words.

Literary Authors Encyclopedia was created with you the reader in mind. We have cross referenced our authors in a variety of ways to make it easy for you to find the author biography that you are looking for. Authors from Edgar Allan Poe, to Truman Capote has a complete biography page that has been fully researched. Literary Authors Encyclopedia provides personal and educational information for authors in every genre.

American Presidents is a tribute to the great men who have dedicated themselves to lead the United States of America as its commander in chief. We have biographies and photos of all your favorite presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Learn interesting details about the lives of presidents like John F Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt and the history of Air Force One, the White House, and Camp David.

Our Directors Guide gives you bios on all the greatest film directors. Get to know your favorite directors including, Clint Eastwood, Wes Anderson, Greg Araki, and Michelangelo Antonioni. The Directors Guide also features an informative history of cinema.

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